Linux Hosting Plans

Linux hosting plans correspond to the hosting technology sites most used around the world.

These plans are known for their high stability and scalability, making this system very powerful, fast and stable and requires no Linux knowledge by the buyer.


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  • Site Management
  • Emails
  • Support
  • Softaculous


cPanel is a web hosting management software that consists of a web interface that makes it simple for the user to administrate the domain.

RV SiteBuilder

With this software your website can be created in just three, fast, convenient and simple steps, without any programming knowledge.

FTP Accounts

Easily and quickly transfer all your files to your FTP account (File Transfer Protocol).


Protect your most important files by making a backup. A copy of your files will be created and they will be stored safely.

E-mail Accounts

Have your own email accounts associated with your domain. Example:

Auto-Response E-mail

Set up your e-mail for automatic responses. So you can better manage your time.

Anti-spam E-mail Filter

Apply filters to your inbox. Receive only the emails that matter, avoiding spam.

Catch-All Email

"Catch" all emails related to your domain, even if your email address is not correct. Just activate the "Catch-all Email" in cPanel.

Support 24x7x365

Technical assistance available to your domains and hostings for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Knowledge Center

All your questions can be answered in our digital archive, available at:

99,9% Uptime

The highest Guaranteed Availability (uptime)! We have a modern infrastructure with qualified equipmemt and certified by world-class suppliers.

Online User Manuals

Not sure how to make some technical changes? See the knowledge center where you can consult manuals for every kind of problem.


Build your site with the best scripts on the Market: Wordpress; Joomla, Drupal...

Data Bank

Manage your site using MySQL language through the interface available in phpMyAdmin.


Build your store with the help of this fantastic tools: Magento, PrestaShop, osCommerce…


It has never been so easy to get your own forum. Use the scripts SMF, AEF and phpBB.


Wiki is a simple space to share information. Create your own with Softaculous.


The best way to add content on the internet is also available in IBERWEB®.


Make your own e-mail management of your domains with: redirects and others.


Many more resources available.

Aditional Services

Hire one of the following services and add it to your Hosting Plan


RV Site Builder

Create your site without advanced programming skills, using a professional and easy to use software. More than 1000 templates to choose from.

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Optimize your time with the Cronjob. With this app you will be able to schedule your tasks in your hosting account.

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Own IP

Own IP‎

The own IP contributes to improving the credibility of your website, especially for search engines. It also allows better management of your email marketing campaigns.

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Aditional Space

Additional Space‎

Reached the limit of available space on your website?
No problem, with this package you can now get additional "gigs" at an irresistible price.

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