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  • SSD Storage 10GB
  • Unlimited Transfer Yes
  • FTP Accounts Unlimited
  • E-mail Accounts 20
  • Sending e-mails per hour 150
  • Daily and weekly backup Yes
  • cPanel Yes
  • SEO Tools Yes
  • Daily Statiscs Yes
  • Hire for 1 year
  • If you hire for 2 years Save ₹ 440.41
  • If you hire for 3 years Save ₹ 1,321.22


Hosting plan for blogs

WordPress is a content management system that lets you create and maintain in a simple and robust way, the entire contents of a website. Combines aesthetics, web standards and usability. Despite being free, it is invaluable.

In a simple way, WordPress is what you need if you want to create your own blog or website in a very quick and easy way. Furthermore, WordPress is an Open Source solution, therefore your code is free and open.

What is it?

A blog (or weblog) is a record published on the Internet concerning some subject and organized chronologically (like a diary). It can also allow comments from readers to the published texts (called posts). It has the great advantage that the author of the Blog does not need to know how to build web pages, or work with code. It is used as a way to rapidly disseminate their ideas in a simple and quick way.

Blog's have been used by companies, professionals and even by ordinary people in our society, for personal use.

The Blog has a more informal tone, so it gets critical professionals who criticize the low quality editorial, but the fact is that Blogs popularized publishing content on the Internet. The blog is a way for companies to maintain contact with their customers in a faster way than the institutional site.

The popularity of Blogs is due to the following factors:

Easy to learn how to use them (creating and publishing) without requiring technical knowledge.
Diversity of plugins and templates completely Free .
Google loves Blogs. Your's is missing in order to people recognize your work and ideas.

The growth of blogging clearly shows a big trend, that people and companies have the need to share knowledge with the world.

What is the content of a blog?

Most Blogs are used as personal online diaries, a kind of 'Super Twitter' without limit of characters and where you can upload pictures and videos.

There are also many users who use the blog to promote amateur / professional journalism or photographic work. Blogs are also available for professionals who deal with more technical issues / complex (IT, Web Design, Movies, Technology, etc.).

What is the use of a Blog?

Serves mainly to share experiences and emotions of the day-to-day it also serves to help other users share their knowledge in a particular subject, make friends and meet new people. In a more advanced level, you can make money and become famous.

It is also used by companies to make themselves known to the world and to disseminate their products / services and thus canvass new customers.

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IMPORTANT: The service indicated in this plan only includes the hosting service and platform installation. Technical support is included in this service only refers to all issues related to the hosting service. IBERWEB does not provide, free technical support for issues related to configuration and / or operation of the installed application, and the same treaty as an additional service suffering from a budget.