Free SEO Tools

That is why the IBERWEB® offers for all hosting plans, free access to a range of SEO tools, that provide data on your website that is essential for any optimization project.

To access these SEO tools you only need to access your control panel (cPanel) and access the menu "SEO and Marketing Tools".

The techniques used in SEO are designed to leverage the goals of a website by improving the number and position of its results in organic search for a wide variety of keywords relevant to the content of the website. SEO strategies can improve both the number of visits as their quality, where quality means the visitors that conclude the action expected by the website owner (eg. Buy, register, etc.).

Optimization for Search Engines is usually offered as a stand-alone professional service, or as part of a digital marketing project and can be very effective when incorporated early in the development project of a website.

However, IBERWEB® now offers some free tools that will help improve the results of your website.

How does it work?

Although it also influences the positioning of your website in the search engines, your hosting service is not directly related to the fact that your website does not appear in the search engines.

The positioning of the website in the search engines depends on several factors, most of them on-site, such as the content of your website, the syntax of HTML code and the way it is organized, the relevance of the content, etc.

The IBERWEB® SEO tools made available through the partnership held between IBERWEB® and Attracta, help you automatically submit the XML Sitemap of your website to the major search engines, it also: reports the indexing of your website , gives you tips for optimizing and comparing your website content with Guidelines Google Webmaster . There are currently over 2,100,000 people that use the services of Attracta SEO tools.

With these tools we aim to ensure that our customers have access to the best tools that optimize their sites and thus can increase traffic, translating into a better dissemination of its projects and in the case of online stores, an increase in sales.

The tools are available through the cPanel of each hosting account in a section dubbed " SEO and Marketing Tools ".

How to Start

It's very simple. You only need to go to your control panel, go to the menu "SEO and Marketing Tools" and click on the "SEO Tools". In this new page, you can perform the following:

  • Google blacklisted check: Checks if your website has malware, and if it has links that point to other websites containing malware or other suspicious content;
  • 2Get in Google: procedes to the creation of an XML sitemap and submits it in the main search engines, as Gooogle, Yahoo, Bing, Ask...
  • Link Building: makes available all information about your website and optimize it for the search engines. Your website will also take part in a Attracta directory list;
  • Social Networking: because social networks have an increasingly important role in traffic channeled for your website you can, in this easy, fast and intuitive way "link" your website to the major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • See Your New Listings: check if your website has been successfully submitted to the search engines and allows you to check which pages of your site have been indexed by the search engines.

For better optimization, we recommend these five steps to be performed at least once a month.

Costs and Payments

The IBERWEB® SEO tools are available for free on all hosting plans. To access these SEO tools you only need to access your control panel (cPanel) and access the menu "SEO and Marketing Tools".

Apart from this free version that is available from IBERWEB®, Attracta also provides a more complete version of SEO tools that our customers can adhere if they wish. To join this version you only need to click "Turbo Traffic" and select the desired version. The paid version of the application must be purchased directly by the customer with the Attracta. It can not join the paid versions of Attracta by IBERWEB®.