Step 1: Choose a domain (site name) and its extension


A domain is an address like: www."His name.".com and is used to give the name to their online site. This will also be used after the @ sign in your e-mail addresses.

Acquire a name that gives it its own identity is a vital tool to position your internet presence. Even if it is a personal website or a company one, knowing that your customer, or any visitor will recognize it immediately only by name, it is an advantage that only one domain can give.

How to choose your website's name?

It is necessary to verify that the name you want is available. To do so simply fill the field that is on our home page by entering the desired name, and the availability will appear.

Also check that it complies with the domain registration rules regarding the extension you choose.

What is an extension and which should I choose?

The extension corresponds to the last character present on a website, the most used is the extension ".Com". These relate to the entity that will register your domains. Usually each country has its own extension.

Step 2: Choosing your Hosting Plan


The next step is to choose one of three awesome plans available in IBERWEB®. A number of important factors to take into account, inter alia, the requirements in terms of space required, the number of databases and the amount of e-mails intended. We advise you to choose the plan taking in consideration that the used space includes not only your website but also email accounts, statistics and other hosting settings.

All our plans have free use of the most modern and intuitive support tools such as cPanel administration and hundreds of preinstalled content (forums, image galleries, portals, online stores, etc.), that will help you get rich. We also offer an advanced website builder.

Step 3: Subscription of the pretended service


Finally, you only need to add the service to the cart (hosting + domain), following the steps and at the end select the desired payment method.

After making the purchase, all relevant information will come to you quickly and conveniently to your email. If you have not received it, please make sure it was not received in the SPAM folder. After receiving your data access, without any problems or confusion you can create your site online.