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What are the advantages of an Affiliate?

The affiliate program offers the possibility of earn money on commissions generated by the sales made on the IBERWEB® website through recommendations made by you.

Sales Commissions

10% commission on all sales (except on domains registration/transfer). And this will be paid every month while your affiliate's account is active (minimum of ).

Excellence Plans

We offer plans with excellent prices and high quality in service and support provided. Thus, it will be very easy to achieve high indexes, maximizing your monthly earnings.


No fixed fees

We do not charge any fee, the commissions generated by the indications are those that the affiliate earns.

Customer Control

If a visitor accesses our site through your affiliate link, and does not subscribe, our system generates a cookie. So if that visitor returns later to hire a service (within 30 days), it will be registered as your affiliate and you will earn your commission.

Amount paid in commission
IBERWEB® has already distributed approximately to its affiliates.
IBERWEB® Affiliates
25.000 customers have already taken advantage of the IBERWEB® affiliates program.
Products Sold
More than 3,000 products sold with affiliate commissions.
Products Available
About 160 products available to sell and make money.

Some Affiliate Banners

5. Anti-Spam e Anti-Virus
6. Seo Tools
7. Unlimited traffic

Easiness Affiliation

Becoming an Affiliate of Iberweb It's free, simple and fast! You can in few minutes start making money, and may for example recommend our services to visitors to your sites, to your friends on social networks and even your family.

How do i get paid?

By recommending our services, if your recommendation generates a sale, you will receive a commission, which you can transfer to your bank account, using the renewal of your services and / or the acquisition of new ones.

How to join

This service is available to all our customers. If you do not have customer account in Iberweb, you may register here and then apply in our affiliate program through your Iberweb Customer Area. It's FREE, FAST and SIMPLE.

How Works

How does it work?

Upon enrollment in the affiliate program, which can be made after registration as a customer in our website, you will have access to your affiliate code as well as links and banners that you can put on your website, forum, blog and / or social networks and indicate to clients, friends and / or acquaintances and so start making money.

Whenever someone clicks on one of those links and banners they will be forwarded to the website of IBERWEB, which will also set up a 'cookie' valid for 30 days.

Each time a visitor is referred through your affiliate code and make a purchase during the visit or within 30 days after the click, the value of the respective commission will be placed in your customer account.

Registration is completely free and requires no investment or initial deposit.

General membership terms to affiliate program

Be registered as a customer in Iberweb – click here to register.

The data provided in the client account must be correct and current.

Use of commissions on services: the commissions earned will be used for renovation and / or acquisition of new services. There is no minimum amount for use of commissions on services.

Transfer of commissions to your bank or Paypal account: cash payments to your bank account or PayPal can only be requested when reached the minimum amount of .

Exclusions: records / transfered domains are not included under the affiliate program.

Any ways of trying to generate continued and / or illegal sales are not permitted. Any attempts at manipulating the program will lead to the expulsion of this affiliate program, without the right to be reimbursed of the amounts accrued but if any.

By joining the affiliate program, you consent to the terms and conditions of membership.